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New 90 Day cast member accused of breaking NDA on social media! Here are all the cast's IG accounts!

Just in case you missed it, there is an early premiere of the new season of 90 Day Fiance on the TLCgo App and the drama is terribly satisfying! We have discovered some of the new cast members social media accounts as well as all the tasty tea that spilled out from the internet platforms! Some of these 90 Day Fiance “to-be’s” are just as boring as they seem while others are an entirely different person than what you would imagine.

Big ED, an avid moped rider is a 4’ 11” tall professional photographer who has been single ever since he cheated on his wife 28 years ago. After meeting his 23 year old girlfriend Rose Marie online from the Philippines, his 29 year old daughter Tiffany quit talking to him.

Tiff hasn’t slowed down though, her Instagram (@tiffbrown90) seems to be flourishing with companies already wanting to partner with her. One Influencer based company commented “Wanna collab? DM “bruteimpact.fashion.”:

Mr. Big Ed seems to have a few supporters online though, his instagram handle is @thisisbiged. One commenters said “I can’t wait! This is going to be so exciting!!! You deserve happiness”. Another user however seemed to think Ed is breaking his NDA with TLC when he posted the picture below.

Avery is a health guru who loves to cook with cannabis and loves to debut her skills on Insta @kaletivate . She is a 32 year old dental assistant who lives in Seattle Washington.

The relationship between the soon to be engaged couple is not off to a good start, they have broken up 3 times in the past 9 months. Avery is concerned about Ash’s profession as a “single women relationship coach” and is showing signs of mistrust towards her boyfriend. The picture below is Avery talking with her best friend about the situation.

Ash has a whopping 11.6k followers on Instagram and has lots of single women commenting tons of very sweet things about love. You can get some relationship advice from the man himself @themindbodycoach on Instagram.

Probably the most insane story of them all comes from Geoffrey Paschel 41 from Knoxville, TN. This sentimental country boy has 3 kids from 2 relationships but lost one child to random seizure at 19 months old. Jeff met his Russian girlfriend Varya Malina on Instagram and they hit it off right away. Lets at least hope that’s the only hitting that will happen between the two of them!

In a police report KnoxNews obtained, Jeff’s ex girlfriend claimed he “repeatedly bashed/slammed my head into the hardwood floors of my home.” And “throwing my body into walls and furniture.” She also claimed there was visible blood on the areas where he smashed her body so viciously. The victims phone was disabled by the assailant and she was forced to flee to a neighbors house to call 911 according to KnoxNews.

Varya’s Insta @varys.malina, is full of professional pictures of herself traveling or having a great time and as well as some very beautiful weddings. She seems to have lots of friends and supporters that regularly comment on her posts.

One commenter however was apparently expressing their thoughts about Jeff when they said “He’s perfect”. Varya’s reply was very curious, “you will be surprised about him”. Has Mr. Paschel completely ruined his chances with his Russian beauty from his run-in with the law?

The season premiere airs on TLC Sunday, February 23rd at 8/7c

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