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Is Snooki Having Baby Fever?

Snooki's friend, Kailyn Lowery is no stranger to having babies by random people or by someone she has absolutely no plans to be in a relationship with. Well its happened again, your favorite train wreck from Teen Mom 2 is knocked up! This time she is getting all kinds of support from some other MTV favorites. Snooki, for one jumped on the band wagon to congratulate Kailyn on the new pregnancy.

Tuesday the bi-sexual, soon to be mother of 4 posted a gender reveal video on her Instagram page. Amazingly she received a lot of support by some very accepting people. Everyone knows the whole situation is a complete disaster but in todays society only the media can determine whether something is socially acceptable…right?

Does snooki (Nicole Polizzi) actually agree with Kailyns decision to have another child out of wedlock with a man she has a restraining order against while portraying herself as bi-sexual? This is, however, nothing new for the Teen Mom star. We recall Jenelle Evans posting to her Twitter that before Kailyn got pregnant with Lux she told one of the other cast members “I need a black man, I want to have a black baby”. What she wanted wasn't actually a black man, she wanted a black woman and have a black sperm donor for her “black baby” (trophy baby). Eventually Kailyns children may realize how careless and immature her decisions have been but do you think the Jersey Shore fan favorite, Snooki agrees with her actions?

It seems a ton of Kailyns followers on Instagram are happy for her but are they happy for the situation this poor child is being brought into? There could be nothing more troubling to a group of four siblings to either have different fathers or not know who the father is from the time of birth or very young age. How confusing it must be. Some of the MTV stars critics spoke up in defense of the poor children caught up in this terrible situation. One follower commented saying “way to set an example for your kids. I am from Nazareth and would appreciate it if you never mention that you ever lived there”. Another couple of Instagram users commented “Did she get a sperm donor or wth is going on!? Someone feel [sic] me in lol” and “is no one else questioning how you get pregnant with someone you have a pfa against, surely he was there for conception so is this the 4th violation or what”.

This all brings up another question of morals and acceptable conduct… Do all of Kailyns supporters agree with her deliberately getting pregnant by a person who she is actively trying to punish under penalty of the law? Do her “friends” agree, does Snooki and Lindsie Chrisley actually agree with this? Well its not like they are anyone new to “ratchetness” or crazy family drama themselves. Snooki, at least doesn’t seem like the type to have multiple children with multiple fathers while treating them as sperm donors and having a girlfriend on the side. At the end of the day the type of behavior you condone reflects who you are as a person..right?

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