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Exclusive!... Jenelle Evans' confession about David Eason!

We have exclusive information about exactly what is going on between David and Jenelle Eason! The still-married couple have been seen out together a few times recently after Jenelle dropped the restraining order against her husband. As you can see we even got this exclusive candid picture of Jenelle getting out of her Uber Saturday night when they went to the Jason Aldean bar in Nashville, TN. It appears that one of Davids friends may have captured this screenshot from his private SnapChat story. This came as no surprise but what is actually going on here? Are the two really going out for dinner and drinks in Nashville? We have all the exclusive information to set the record straight and you will read it here first!

“Jenelle has been working on herself a lot lately”, we are told from a source. Recently she traveled to North Carolina to take care of some business and to get some of her things that are still at her home she shared with David Eason. Jenelle and David both are “focused and determined to change for the better” and “They seem to be getting along very well and working more on themselves individually” says the insider. Recently we also learned the controversial couple have been taking therapy, counseling and doing other mental wellness exercises.

“They do not have any plans for getting back together” we are told exclusively by a person very close to David and Jenelle. “It is imperative the two keep a strong relationship as most of the people close to Jenelle have turned on her. They either sell her out, steal from her or try to use her to get popular”. “David is one of the very few people she can trust right now and she really needs his help”. “I know they went out for lunch at a BBQ restaurant when he was in TN over the weekend because they needed to discuss some things and went to a public place to do so.”

Of course there are lots of speculations out there but at this point I don’t see any reason why the married couple would lie. It seems they are still taking a break and just working to improve on themselves personally. BUT WAIT! They were seen out at a bar getting drinks together right??? Well we just found out there is good reason for that, as we learned from our inside source “Jenelle doesn’t get to go out much and when she does there are lots of people who recognize her, its not safe for her to be alone”.

This makes sense of course, but why David? Why does he need to be the one escorting her or watching her back all night? When we asked this question the answer we got was “Well Jenelle said she called David to go with her because she didn’t have anyone available to go that night and she wanted a night out while the kids were were not home”.

So didn’t Jenelle know that fans or haters would notice them in public? “She said she wasn’t worried about people seeing them together, she said she can’t let what people think stop her from being herself”. The insider told us this before also quoting Jenelle, “I have realized lately that David is the only person who genuinely wants to help me so I need to accept his help while I still can”. She also said, “everyone expects me to have such a good relationship with my Mom and Nathan but the things they have done to me are way worse than anything David ever did. But David doesn’t act that way forward them, they expect me to treat him like they want me to treat him. Im not anybody’s puppet!”

Its quite obvious Jenelle and David have spent some time together recently but it seems to be either business related, co-parenting related, friendship based or strictly platonic. Only time will tell what’s going to happen with this tumultuous couple but we will all be paying very close attention! Get your exclusives right here on SOT!

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